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Styling Your Bed with Matouk Schumacher

  • by Helena Hendricks
  • 4 min read

This article offers tips and guidance for styling your bed with the Matouk Schumacher bedding collection, brought to you by the design team at Fine Linen and Bath.

One of the most rewarding parts of our job here at Fine Linen and Bath is working with clients to help them style their perfect beds. Gathering inspiration, sourcing colors and fabrics, and putting it all together is always a delight. And when we get to do it with a collection as inspired as Matouk Schumacher, it’s an absolute privilege.

Schumacher Artistry, Matouk Craftsmanship

A partnership between legendary linen manufacturer Matouk and the venerable fabric and wallpaper design firm, this collection incorporates iconic Schumacher design with impeccably crafted home linen. The result is luxurious bedding that celebrates color, pattern, and texture: from timeless botanical prints to tailored embroidered borders to bold animal stripes and beyond.

"Along with breathtakingly beautiful patterns and luxurious linens, Matouk Schumacher offers incredible design versatility," said Fine Linen and Bath Brand Manager Erika Cellupica. "The collection encourages mixing, matching, and layering patterns and textures in dozens of stylish combinations."

With the Matouk Schumacher collection, your bed will be a sanctuary of luxury, comfort, and beauty that is uniquely your own. Read on to gather some ideas for styling this incredible collection to your individual taste.

How to Style Matouk Schumacher Bedding: 10 Tips from our designers

1. Layer your bedding

Imagine your bed as a series of layers. And more layers mean more luxury (and more opportunity to pair patterns and designs). Check out our guide to building your bed by layers here. Your bed is a palette and you’re the artist!

2. Choosing colors and patterns

Typically, we recommend choosing sheets first. But with Matouk Schumacher, we suggest beginning with a color family (a vibrant style or a subdued shade) and pattern (bold or subtle). This collection is so versatile you can mix and match many patterns and styles within a range of luscious colorways.

3. The perfect pairing of patterns

Next, find your perfect pairing of patterns. If you’re feeling bold, go all in with layers of rich, contrasting patterns for depth and visual interest. For example, pair an Attleboro stripe print duvet cover in Pink coral or Prussian blue with Pomegranate sheeting in Pink coral or Prussian blue.

Matouk Schumacher Attleboro Bedding

4. Contrast and depth

For a slightly more subdued look that still captures contrast and depth, start with the painterly layers of Burnett and add a floral (we like Burnett Blue with Maryam Indigo or San Cristobal in Sky.).

Matouk Schumacher Burnett Bedding

Another great pairing is a triple combo of Burnett, San Cristobal and Astor Braid.

Matouk Schumacher Burnett, San Cristobal and Astor Braid

5. Let floral be your focus

You can go deep with any Matouk Schumacher floral pattern and set them off by interspersing with solids from another Matouk collection. The oversized florals of Khilana, for example, can be beautifully set off by the subtle satin stitch embroidery of Matouk Essex or a simple Matouk Schumacher Cora coverlet in white.

Matouk Schumacher floral pattern Khilana with Essex sheets

If you’re going full floral from sheets to duvet cover to throw pillows, think about keeping the surrounding area monochromatic and less cluttered to set it off. 

6. Animal-inspired prints need not overwhelm

In fact, animal-inspired prints can be styled as a neutral. Matouk Shumacher’s Serengeti and Matouk Schumacher Quincy Bedding Quincy designs pair beautifully with stylish solids for a natural vibe that doesn’t scream, “Safari.” Try mixing the subtle, abstract Serengeti with Eden solid sheets and the striped Herringbone of Quincy with Luca white sheets. If texture catches your eye, think about pairing the dimensional Matelasse of a Cora coverlet with a coordinating shade of Matouk Atoll sheets.

Matouk Schumacher Serengeti Bedding

7. Savor subtlety

If subtlety is what you are looking for, build your bed around Matouk Schumacher Prado, with a classic border design, or even Ceylon or Nocturne. From there, add pops of color and patterns that pick up the color. Prado Grass, for example, can beautifully offset with Matouk Schumacher Pomegranate in Citrus Garden OR Sea.. Nocturne sheets and duvet covers complement many Matouk Schumacher designs.

Matouk Schumache Prado with Nocturne, Daphne, and Pomegranate

Prado with Nocturne, Daphne, and Pomegranate

8. Accessorize for size, shape, and visual interest

Add color and contrast with a bed blanket, a sham, or a throw at the end of the bed. Matouk Schumacher shams come in four sizes: Boudoir (12" X 16"), Standard (21" X 27"), King (21" X 36"), and the square Euro (27" X 27") that can be displayed in multiple combinations. Matouk Schumacher even offers fabric tissue box covers in their most popular prints.

9. Swatch samples - see, touch, and feel the fabric

Getting swatch samples may be one of the most important things you can do! Swatch samples allow you to see, touch, and feel the fabric ahead of time to be sure you’re choosing styles you love that work wonderfully in your space.

10. Work with our design team

We are always here to offer assistance and suggestions. Just as important, we can also help you navigate the wide range of custom options Matouk Schumacher offers, including monograms, special sizes, and fabric by the yard. Learn more about the many bespoke and custom options from Matouk.

learn about the many Matouk bespoke and custom options

Sample Palettes from Matouk Schumacher

If you’re still wondering where to begin, check out these combinations as a starting point:


Featured Style

Pairs With


Schumacher Pomegranate Linen Bedding in Lilac

Schumacher Prado Bedding in Grass, Petra Bedding in Grass

Purple Influence

Schumacher Pomegranate Linen Bedding in Lilac


Schumacher Attleboro in Prussian Blue

Schumacher Pomegranate in Prussian Blue, Lowell in Bedding in Sea

Blue Influence

Schumacher Attleboro in Prussian Blue


Schumacher Simone Linen Bedding in Apricot

Atoll in Sea

Pink Influence

Schumacher Simone Linen Bedding in Apricot


Schumacher Prado Bedding in Onyx

Schumacher Burnett Bedding in Nickel, Nocturne in Charcoal, Amalfi Bedding in Charcoal, Daphne Bedding in Charcoal

Gray Influence

Schumacher Prado Bedding in Onyx


Schumacher Pomegranate Bedding in Citrus

Daphne Bedding in Grass, Attleboro, India Pique, Essex

Citrus Influence

Schumacher Pomegranate Bedding in Citrus

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